This is the first video in a series called “Ask Me Anything” as it relates to the Snake Diet. In this video I answer all the questions listed below and one of the most popular ones I get, How To Stop Binge Eating At Refeeds. If you want to see more of these videos, or prefer for me to do a live stream, let me know in the comments section down below.

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Questions answered in this video:
1. How do you fast in social situations?
2. What time do you eat your meals?
3. How often do you dry fast? And how often do you rotate between dry and wet fasting?
4. How do you prevent hair loss and how much protein do you need? (Here is the link to Dr. Eric Berg’s video on this
5. When you refeed, what foods do you choose…..a Protein, healthy fats, fruits vegetables, and is there a calorie limit you set for yourself?
6. What are the effects of fasting on the menstrual cycle, changes and PMS?
7. How do you avoid binge eating when breaking a fast?

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