Please shut up about your ketogenic diet

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So… you heard about the keto diet and now you want to try it, is that right? I can picture you right now, sitting at your computer, Googling keto recipes and intermittent fasting. You’re already fantasizing about how you can make those keto snacks more interesting by adding pure bacon grease.

After all, if you know what is keto, then you know that it’s “okay” to eat that stuff if weight loss is your goal. They even said it on the Dr. Oz show!

Well, I have bad news for you: ketosis isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. And if you’re looking for information about the keto diet for beginners, let me save you some time: don’t bother.

Don’t worry about how to start the ketogenic diet or finding hte perfect keto meal plan: you’re wasting your time.

Instead, just focus on reducing your eating frequency and eating natural foods. I know you probably won’t do that, regardless of how much fat lose you want to induce, because THAT would imply actually doing something that requires effort instead of just making a ketogenic food list.

Because look, at the end of the day, all you really need to do to get rid of your diabetes is to get on a low carb high fat diet – right? Isn’t that what Dr Oz said? He even gave you a keto diet meal plan that you can download on his website – so it must be true!

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Author: Yalla Papi