toned and skinny | extreme weight loss subliminal | please use with caution

hey! this is my weight loss subliminal oooooo. please please please keep in mind this is extremely powerful and has affirmations that if you reach the full results of, there is basically an 100% chance you could die. please be checking your BMI as you use this subliminal, as being underweight is not the one. please. if i see this subliminal being used in the wrong way it is being deleted.
anywho, affirmations are:

༺༻∞ booster ∞༺༻
ੈ♡˳ fast results
ੈ♡˳ desired results
ੈ♡˳ permanent results
ੈ♡˳ results ingrained in DNA (e.g if you use subliminal to give you blue eyes, your kids will also have blue eyes)
ੈ♡˳ subconscious always at peak
ੈ♡˳ obvious, evident results in a extremely short duration of time
ੈ♡ get results that align with your desires
ੈ♡ stay loyal to chosen subliminals and playlists

༺༻∞ body ∞༺༻
ੈ♡˳ weigh 1 kilogram (exxag)
ੈ♡˳ body burns 100000 kilograms per nano second
ੈ♡˳ immune to gaining weight regardless of food you eat
ੈ♡˳ immune to having any eating disorders (however this is not to be used in replacement of actual treatment!)
ੈ♡˳ flat stomach
ੈ♡˳ small waist
ੈ♡˳ legs, arms and wrists have a 2cm circumference
ੈ♡˳ thighs have 3cm circumference
ੈ♡˳ amazing self control
ੈ♡˳ toned body in all desired places
ੈ♡˳ burn fat in desired places
ੈ♡˳ motivation to exercise
ੈ♡˳ motivation to eat healthy
ੈ♡˳ free of any unhealthy eating habits


tips for great results:
ੈ♡˳listen for 30 mins – 1hr a day
ੈ♡˳drink water – when subliminal makers say this we don’t mean give yourself water poisoning, just stay hydrated
ੈ♡˳ take a 10 min break if you get a headache
ੈ♡˳ have patience – if you don’t see results after a day, don’t fret!
ੈ♡˳ detach – don’t obsess over results! they will come
ੈ♡˳ visualise you having all your desired results

things you need to know about subs:
ੈ♡˳ you can have an infinite amount of subs in your playlist, of course there’s only 24 hours in a day and you will need to do other tasks so try to keep the amount of subliminals in your playlists to a minimum
ੈ♡˳ you have to make sure that when you are manifesting you believe that it is working
ੈ♡˳ try to stay away from things like tv and advertisements when listening to subliminals as some shows/ ads put subliminal affirmations to promote a product or even negative affirmations

profiter, des affirmations de l’épiphanie 🕊


Author: epiphany affirmations