The Vegan Diet is Destroying Mic The Vegan's Health. Help Me Save Him Before it's Too Late

Mic the Vegan’s health is suffering from his vegan diet. Will you help me save him? Please let Mic know that you’ll support his transition to a health conscious ethical omnivore that uses beasting, feasting, and fasting for supreme health.

Mic and I appear on the DrewMorg Channel. I offer Mic a steak and a hug:
Mic and the Vegans are wrong about what the Adventist Health Studies actually say: Meat (fish) eaters live the longest:
MRFIT data from NEJM: Total Cholesterol under 140 or over 300 makes you the most likely to die. The sweet spot for total cholesterol is 160-219 mg/dL:
TG:HDL is the best predictor of heart disease from any lipid panel:
First time heart attack victims DON’T HAVE high cholesterol:
Paper about humans as hunters and “starchivores”
Lipid Conversion Factors:
Stanford Medical school Obituary for Dr. Gerry Reaven:
LDL-C DOES NOT cause heart disease. A meta-analysis fully disproving the cholesterol hypothesis:
Global Revenues for Lipitor, the #1 statin drug, over $12B per year:
Sequence Variations in PCSK9, Man with lifetime LDL in the 50’s dies of a heart attack:
Low LDL predates cancer by 18 years, from Journal of the American College of Cardiology:
Vegan Organization Admits that 84% Vegetarians and Vegans return to eating meat:


A Summary Of Faunalytics’ Study Of Current And Former Vegetarians And Vegans

Jon Venus on Steroids:

Jon Venus Is On Steroids? THIS IS WHY I’M SURE HE IS!


Author: Chris Kruger