Weight Loss Transformation Interview with Anand » Part 3

What’s up, VivaFam? This second part of the interview with Anand from Underdog Strength takes an even more practical turn as we talk about:

• 2 Success Practices every client of Anand’s has had to adopt.
• Loose skin, criteria for it happening and what you do.
• Anand’s advice for if you’re thinking about starting a diet.
• Anand’s advice for social situations.
• And more!


— Recap on Anand’s transformation —
As a 12 year old, he weighed well over 200 lb. And as a teenager he was close to 300 lb with a waist size of 50″. He has lost over 125 lb and kept it off for 6 years.

He is an online and in-person fat loss and strength coach in Mountain View, CA, and a competitive power lifter. Talk about a massive weight loss transformation!

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Author: Coach Viva