90 Day Weight Loss: Day 38 | 43 Year Old Man Vlogging his Journey | Another Day, Another Vlog!

90 Day Weight Loss Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhWhhvx6zHRBf8KAcbYH-K5mjmVsKoFMw

Day 1: 270 LBS
Day 4: 265.6 LBS
Day 11: 261.6 LBS
Day 18: 258.8 LBS
Day 22: 256.8 LBS
Day 31: 254.4 LBS

I’m hoping that today will last day I’m at this weight: I’ve ballooned up to 270 lbs. I’m putting this on Youtube as I’m embarassed with myself, but at the same time, I need to take action for letting myself get so heavy. I need to stop telling myself, I’m just big boned, there is lots of muscles underneath, even though there is some truth to that, I’m still obese. I’m holding myself accountable and I’m hoping you will too. Let me know if you guys had any success or failure with weight loss.


I’m hoping to drop 40 lbs in 90 days. Why 90 days, cause it’s in more or less 90 days that I need to take some blood test for my annual visit with my Dr. and I refuse to go on cholesterol medication. I have a condition called Fatty Liver, my dad passed away from that back in November and right now I’m following in his footsteps, I don’t want that. We are given a gift when we’re born, well I want to take advantage of this gift and hold on to it for as long as I could. My wife and 5 year old need me in this world, oh and you too right? 😀

I will do a vlog every day and update you guys with my progress, or failures. It’ll be a roller coaster ride. Let me know if you have any questions and see you tomorrow!

My plan:

Intermittent Fasting
Low Carbs
Plenty of Water
Apple Cider Vinegar

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Author: Bowler the Retro Gamer