#fiT- (fitness with Toni-Anne) – The Awakening Week 4 | My Weight Loss Journey 2019

Welcome to or Welcome back to #fiT- (fitness with Toni-Anne). This is Week 4: The Awakening.

(Soo.. for the first time I actually lost footage so this video was a bit of an ordeal much like this week.)

At the beginning of the week I went to the doctors and was given a real reality check. Usually that would’ve made me spiral and breakdown BUT…
I actually used it as motivation to fully commit myself to my weight loss journey. I was trying not to do my usual hyper anxious, over thinking and panicking that I would usually do. In exchange for a more calm and chilled approach. I thought it would make me more productive but it sort of did the opposite. I did more than I would’ve done if I was stressing out about it constantly. But I still wasn’t doing enough to make the kind of progress I would like to be making.


Hence this week being called The Awakening…

Follow me as I continue to try and make this mess into progress!!

(I’m usually quite a private person. But I know a weight loss journey is even harder on your own.Especially when you are very overweight so I’m creating my own safe haven on my channel.)

I hope you enjoy x



Author: Toni-Anne Davis