getting back ON TRACK! (my *current* diet & workout)

HEYYYYY #fiemily! As i promised, this is the FIRST instalment of my new fit series hope ya’ll loved it ok bye xxx

💪🏻 workout of the day:
Supersets of:
-Squat to Press 8×3 AND Jumping Squats 8×3
-Overhead Plate Lunges 14×3 AND KB Swings 8×3
-Assisted Pull Ups 6×3 AND assisted Dips 6×3

Single sets of:
– Single Leg Dead Lifts 8×3
– Upright Rows 8×3
– my own Abs complex (will share in due time! but it was just 5 mins of 30 secs of different abs movement! x)


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⚡️songs used ⚡️

Dj Quads – Missing Someone
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Spring Feelings by Dj Quads
Music provided by Music for Creators
Music by J0eru – Pine Soap –
Music by Eric Reprid – 10 O’clock –


Author: Firzanah