Steve Grant – Diet Woke

I do not care bout your raps.
I do not care bout this track.
I do not care I guess I am rare yes I hear the trash.
Take it out back.
Oh you can’t hear it? You must have your ear to the cash.
Itchin- I’m itchin to spaz I do not hack but yes Im still with the mask.
Snatch a beat right out the mainstream real quick fuck around yea we gon remix it.
We got you spinnin and now you dizzy you lookin like disney seeing 6’s.
All these agendas and all these false flags how many times till it gets familiar?
They’ve multiplied so many times they forming a line to normalize the pedophilia.
Half of these rappers, yea this shit getin handled.
They gone with one snap of my finger yea Thanos.
Yea I see your ice and your shit be shinning but how many of those innocent African children had to die for those diamonds?
Hu? Tell me..
They wonder why that we living all so divided.
With all those rooms in that big ass mansion with the homeless family sitting right outside it.
A thousand bodies died for that outfit and you aint cleaning the blood off it.
Your favorite celebrity has got blood on their hands Marina Abromovic.
Hilary Clinton shes gon send out a hit if you leaking those documents.
If you’re a holistic doctors they gon pop ya toss ya secretly off a bridge.
Exposin’em smash the internet. – Yea
Cause we dont fuck with no fake shit. – Na NASA images.
Yea thanking ya Highnesses for paying the scientists.
Yea you kneel for the anthem Hu? But you still play for the zionists.
Dam yea they tryin us they splash subliminals.
The super bowl the half time show No No No thats a ritual.
Globa’al Warming climate change next year it’ll be a new name.
With a new tax and a new Op and a new fear for a flu strain.
Oxitecs’ the new Dr. Moreau and they teamed up with the synagogue of satan.
Yea I see what you be doin Q but i still dont trust the administration.
Lady liberty screaming covered up in that black burka.
They lookin at me like Im the devil but I dont see’ em tho Matt Murdock.
All these dark occultists and globalists the ones causing the mass murder.
They try to swerve at me throw the curve at me uh so I had to flat earth’em.
Listen boy I dont care what you say and all the bullshit that he said she said.
All I care is about you waking up if you dont you gon get her,him,you me dead.
Let the 5G spread and you gon see there’s a bunch of pissed off and stressed Americans.
Say HI to my friends they’re all domestic terrorists.


Author: Steve Grant