Vibration Weight Loss Machine

Vibration Weight Loss Machine
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Multifunctional Facial Body Sliming Skin

Rechargeable Shaping Massager possess 300,000 times/s high frequency vibration ,Wake up the cells skin inside, promote fat block decomposition help shape arms,legs, give you a charming feature .
Radio Frequency function enhance the heat effect on the layer on skin ,to loss weight . Also could tight your loose skin . Give you a good body shape and young skin .
Red Lights has wavelength 625nm energy, could help activate the skin cells and take care skin .because red light has powerful photosynthetic ,high purity ,uniform energy density that could help reduce weight .
Warm body shaping massager is suitable for hand-arm abdomen, leg, thigh fat and other fat easy accumulation part. before use our machine, apply cream or oil on the required parts will be better; Device need 2.5 hours for fully charged,and can be used about 1 hour after full charged
Button usage: (Turn on: ON/OFF button; Mode change: ON/OFF button; Level: gear selection button (level 1-3); Turn off: press 2s with “di di” sound; don’t use exceed 15mins per mode in the same area); when device turn on, the mode is on Brighten skin(LED red light+RF),press “ON/ OFF button”, to change mode to Burn fat(LED red light+CV)or change mode to Burst fat(LED red light+RF+mechanical vibration VIB) or change mode to Shaping(mechanical vibration VIB+CV)


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