10 days of turmeric tea and weight loss review, Turmeric benefits with belly fat, stress and pain

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Turmeric contains an active ingredient called Curcumin that burns fat, reduces inflammation, improves immune system and boosts metabolism and fights diabetes. It is an excellent detoxification agent.

Recipe: Take a big size cup of water. Add less than ½ spoon of turmeric to this. If you are beginner, start with ¼ spoon. Prefer Organic turmeric. Add 1/4 spoon of grated/mashed Ginger. Ginger is excellent to boost metabolism and weight loss. Don’t add too much, otherwise, it makes your drink spicy. Boil it for 5 minutes while stirring. You can take it as a hot tea or cool it down and drink. You can take it any time during day, but I prefer to take it before meal.
One important caution: Turmeric can leave permanent stains on clothes or carpets. So, make sure you wash your hands if you happen to touch turmeric.
Before starting my challenge,
I am measuring my weight. This is my weight on Day 1 of the challenge. I am 75.2 kgs or 165.5 lbs
Turmeric also has anti-inflammatory props, so let’s see if that can help my back pain. Turmeric works to lower stress. So, I will track that too.

I am taking Turmeric and Ginger. You can also add honey, if you like to. Taking turmeric and ginger can increase body heat. So, all these days, I am taking Yogurt and Buttermilk regularly. Turmeric also comes in the form capsules you can simply dissolve in water to make turmeric tea.
Although turmeric is considered safe, before starting this, I strongly recommend to talk to your doctor if you have any medical conditions.
Now, that I have completed 10 days drinking turmeric tea daily. I am really excited to share with you the changes I have observed during this period including the benefits and side effects.
Lets see how it helped my back pain and neck pain – As I have already mentioned, Turmeric has an active ingredient called Curcumin, that has anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric is a strong pain killer, without side effects. In my case, Turmeric really helped me a lot to fight against my back pain. My back pain issue is significantly resolved, and I don’t feel neck pain also. So, this has a tremendous positive impact on my back pain. So, it can also help people with Arthritis and Sciatica.
Lets see how it helped in Stress: Turmeric is an excellent anti-depressant. Based on researches, it provides great relief from Stress and depression. Did it work for me?
Yes, It worked like a magic to treat the depression and stress issue. Infact during this period, I have moved to a new house, I had change in my job type and there lot of other stressful situations. But Turmeric really kept all this stress away from me. It worked like a magic in handling stress.
Bacterial and Viral infections
Turmeric is great anti bacterial and anti viral. A hot turmeric tea helps in relieving from cold and seasonal viral infections. In my case, No cold, no cough and no flu.
Weight loss
This is the most interesting factor. My today’s weight is 74.1 kgs. So I have lost around 1.1 Kgs or 2.4 pounds.
In 10 days, I lost about 1 Kg of weight, is not bad. infact, that means Turmeric actually works in weight loss.
And another major improvement is the belly fat, Turmeric really helped in cutting down my belly fat. It worked like a fat burning machine. I can feel the difference that I lost lot of fat around my tummy. I don’t have before and after pics, but I can see remarkable difference.


Turmeric has other benefits that I could not measure during this time. Those are
1. Cholesterol – Turmeric lowers LDL, which is bad cholesterol. So for people with cholesterol Turmeric can be useful
2. PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) – Turmeric can help women with PMS issues.
3. Diabetes – Turmeric keeps blood sugar levels Steady and can be useful for diabetic patients.
4. Cancers – Turmeric anti-oxidant properties can stop growth of Tumor cells and also prevents certain types of cancers.

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