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We are so good to welcome the monsoon showers after experiencing the scorching summer heat. But monsoons do bring certain health risks. Our body is more susceptible to health issues in rainy season, because monsoon reduces the immunity power of our body. Our body constantly gets affected with allergies, infections, indigestion problems, so we must keep our body resistant against such diseases. The humidity in the atmosphere is usually high in this season; as a result the body’s digestive capability goes down. The important point to keep in mind is that you must avoid oily food, street food or any type of food that is prepared in bulk else there is a possibility that it upsets your stomach

Have medium to low salt food and avoid heavy salty food as they are responsible for high blood pressure and water retention.

.All the Videos are to help and benefit the viewers to improve their health and fitness.

Not all the exercises, tips and advice can be suitable for everyone. Individual health
conditions also play a major role.
Please consult an expert before doing any health experimentation.
Never do self-medication, Always ask a doctor for all the medical conditions.
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