Ex Vegan On A Carnivore Diet For 30 Days

Hi friends, I’m Heather Pace. I’m on a carnivore diet for a month to heal some chronic gut issues. I was a vegan for 13 years and a raw vegan for 3 of those years. It left my health an absolute mess!
My holistic doctor recommended that I try this for at least 30 days. So here I am! I did Keto for one week to ease in.
I’m excited to share my journey. I’ve already had life changing results just from going strict Keto for a week so I can’t wait to see what happens from going carnivore.
I’m a classically trained chef but I’ve been specializing in plant based cuisine for most of my career. So I’ll be sharing carnivore recipes along the way too.


Just so you can see what a huge change this is for me, check out my blog: https://www.sweetlyraw.com – my life revolves around making (and eating) vegan desserts. So I’m taking the month off from all recipe development so that I can focus on this diet.



Author: Chef Heather