Dry Fasting Snake Diet OMAD Challenge – Weight Loss Journey Day 327

I am doing a dry fasting snake diet omad one meal a day 500 calorie cardio challenge for 9 days. My weight loss journey 2019 started 327 days ago at 273.2 pounds. My goal is to lose 90 pounds through different fasting methods.

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This challenge is:
500 calories a day
Dry fasting followed by 2 hours of fasted cardio


So far I am doing great on the cardio but not so great doing the dry fast and then straight into the exercise. Today I plan to do it correctly.

I do a mix of fasting methods for weight loss:
OMAD one meal a day intermittent fasting 23/1
Intermittent Fasting with different eating windows
Water Fasting, Prolonged Fasting and Snake diet fasting

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Author: Mieka Fasting Weight Loss