Ep 1: Dr Aseem Malhotra – The Pioppi Diet, fat fearing & a reason to stand up every 45 mins

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Episode 1: Cardiologist and author, Dr Aseem Malhotra, at his Harley Street clinic.

In this episode, originally recorded as a Facebook live in November 2017, we cover:


-why Aseem says NHS guidelines on eating carbohydrates are wrong
-a shocking truth about some supermarket breads
-how many teaspoons of added sugar are in a typical can of cola
-Aseem’s best diet for managing diabetes
-why Aseem insists saturated fat doesn’t clog arteries
-the number one BEST fat he tells his patients to eat every single day
-where our fear of fat came from in the first place
-the lifestyle secrets of the super-healthy people of Pioppi (and the reason Aseem wrote the Pioppi Diet book)
-why exercise doesn’t work for weight-loss like you think it does
-how having friends is key to good health
-why you should stand up every 45 mins
-some things to consider if your doctor tells you to take statins

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Author: healthHackers