Keto Snack Haul! (Carnivore Diet)

I’ve been experimenting again! The result: I’m back to more variety. Here’s a recent grocery haul, which consisted mostly of treats to add indulgence to my (already delicious) basic nourishment. Join me in drooling over:

-korushka (dried smelt, not to be confused with vobla)
-head cheese (pork tongue in aspic, or “meat Jell-O”)
-canned cod liver (which is rich, yet mild)
-Parmigiano-Reggiano (a raw-milk parmesan cheese)
-pork rinds (which don’t seem to give me migraines after all)
-the time I tried bacon jerky (despite the migraine risk)
-salmon roe (labeled as “salmon caviar”)
-replacing tacos/nachos with pork rinds, meat, & melted cheese
-mineral water (my new soda)


As much as I agree with the concept of food as fuel, it is also entertainment on some level. That’s Nature’s way of encouraging us to eat! So I’m happy to have cheese and pork rinds back in my life, and excited to introduce cod liver as part of my regular diet.

I’m also really loving the head cheese. I’ve had it before, but never at home. It’s so good! Between that and the cod liver, I have even more nose-to-tail action going on! And it’s all too much fun.

Please excuse the dust that clung to me during my grocery hunt!



Author: Michaelanthony