MY WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY (10lbs, no exercising!)

READ ME!! I wanted to give a bit more context as to how I live my life now, as it’s been a few weeks since wrapping up this video. My BIGGEST learning from this entire journey is just being mindful of my food in-take. I do not obsessively restrict myself – I always want to be happy – but before this, I was eating excessively in an unhealthy way. I would snack when I was bored, snack when I was sad, snack when my hands had nothing to do. This journey has helped me stop that, and not eat until I’m exploding. I do not keep myself hungry or starve myself at all – I eat until I am content and satisfied, NOT until I am stuffed! This is my new lifestyle and way of life now that I understand what it means to not overeat. I don’t stuff myself anymore, and don’t leave meals feeling bloated, disgusting, and wanting to explode. My mindset about food and eating has changed completely, and I no longer have an unhealthy relationship with food.


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Author: Sylvia Jade