Weight Loss PLR Course – Video Walkthrough

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Your clients are struggling with their weight. Processed foods. Junky treats and snacks. High fat. High carb. Access to fast food 24/7. It’s time to eat clean and get fit.

With so much cutting edge research and attention on diet and nutrition, your audience is looking for ways to cut calories and lose weight naturally.

As a coach, author, blogger, trainer, or consultant you can download this done-for-you weight loss PLR course and help your clients get healthy through simple, but actionable diet and nutrition strategies.


In this PLR course, you’ll get a complete done-for-you coaching program that you can brand as your own – including course lessons with quizzes, action guides, a slide deck presentation of each lesson, lead magnet, Facebook ads, sales page, and more.


PLR.me creates beautiful done-for-you coaching resources that you can license, brand and sell as your own, so you can grow large and devoted audiences, without having to write everything from scratch.


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