Day 24: One month weight loss challenge | Keto சப்பாத்தி | Weight loss சப்பாத்தி | எடை குறைக்க tips

Hi friends,
Hope your day 24 of 1 month weight loss challenge went great. Today’s video is about how to prepare Keto/low-carb சப்பாத்தி for weight loss. This Keto/low-carb roti/சப்பாத்தி is low in carbs and high in protein. As a vegetarian and if you do not eat eggs, it is difficult to get your daily requirements for protein. This Keto/low-carb roti/சப்பாத்தி will help you meet your protein requirements for the day.

This Keto/low-carb roti/சப்பாத்தி is low in carbs and hence will not spike your blood sugar/insulin levels. It will keep your blood sugar levels stable for the whole day. So, it is good for people with diabetes. Also, the protein in the Keto/low-carb roti/சப்பாத்தி will keep you full for a longer period of time. hence, it reduces your sugar cravings almost completely. I hope you will like this recipe. Try it out and comment below if you liked it.


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I hope the weight loss tips in tamil would help you in your weight loss journey. Keep rocking and do not give up.


Author: Thamizh Penn