Omad One Meal A Day Diet Results DAY 3 – Fasting Weight Loss Journey 2019

Omad One Meal A Day Diet Results DAY 3 – Fasting Weight Loss Journey 2019

OMAD weight loss results plus I did swimming for 45 minutes. I am doing OMAD one meal a day diet plan for weight loss this week.

My fasting weight loss youtube channel is my weight loss journey to lose 90 to 100 pounds on youtube.

I do a mix of fasting methods depending on how I am feeling:
-intermittent fasting
-omad one meal a day diet plan
-water fasting, snake diet, snake juice diet, and no food fasting

In addition, I am doing a low carb meal lifestyle. I do have sugar sometimes.
Bread, rice, pasta is not a norm in my household anymore.


I do love to have a dessert daily. I try to keep it keto and/or low carb with my desserts. 1 to 4 times a month I will have a cheat day and have bread and sugar whatever I want. This is not the best for weight loss but it is something I want to enjoy here and there.

If you have a weight loss goal please share with me and feel free to update as often as you want in my comments. Whether you do omad diet plan, snake diet, intermittent fasting, or another structured weight loss plan I believe you can achieve your weightloss goals if you stick to it.

Be sure to check out my journey from day 1. I have many struggles during my fasting weight loss journey but I will not quit until I succeed and maintain a better lifestyle.

I started at 273.2 pounds and my fasting weight loss goal is 183.2 pounds. I will fight for it!!

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Author: Mieka Fasting Weight Loss